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Berkshire-Hathaway Reliable Group

3521 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, MO - (417)-459-4400 -

  • Team Member pricing on all New & Used Vehicles

  • Streamlined Purchase Process

  • Extended Maintenance Coverage

  • Easy and Guaranteed Appraisals

  • Shuttle pickup to the dealer if you fly in to get your vehicle

  • Team member pricing for Service, Collision, Parts, and Rentals

  • No limit on the number of Vehicles - each vehicle on a per bases deal

  • They have extended the Toyota-Care if you buy a Toyota for 4 years/ 45K miles for oil change, tire rotation, etc. plus roadside assistance.

Springfield Wraps

1816 S. Franklin Avenue, Springfield, MO - (417)-501-1234 -

  • Boat wrap for $1500, normal price $3000. This is provided the sides of your boat do not
    exceed 30”. If your sides to exceed 30” there will be an up-charge.

  • Truck wrap $2300, normal price $4000. Exceptions and exclusions may apply.

Anglers Port Marine

13979 Highway 7, Warsaw, MO - (660)-438-4600 -

  • If you own a boat that is less than 1 years old, they will sell you
    electronics coverage for 7 years. The price is $995. It covers all gauges, Power Poles (or
    equivalent), 3 graphs, trolling motor, etc. This is replacement insurance. This does not
    cover an item if you break it. It does replace a graph, power pole, trolling motor, etc. if it
    stops working for a deductible of $50. This warranty is TRANSFERABLE if you sell your
    boat for a $75 fee. If you own an older boat, there is also a program available for you up to
    a 6-year-old boat.

Stingray Financial
  • Will help you sell your old boat. When you get ready to sell your old boat you may state that you have financing available. Stingray will work directly with you and your customer. You will have a direct phone number and a representative assigned to our membership, no waiting, immediate service.

  • 10% off products.

Beatdown Outdoor Products

1100 South Harding Ave Sedalia, MO 65301 - (660)-287-8833 -

  • 10% off products.

Aftco Fishing Apparel

To receive this discount, please contact Beatdown Outdoors Directly at 660-287-8833

  • 20% off products.

Dub-L-Seat, LLC

382 Co Rd 32, Dennis, MS 38838 - (662)-336-6319 -

  • 10% off products.

Jenko Fishing

1105 St Rt 121 N, Murray, KY 42071 - (270)-436-5298 -

  • 25% off products.

HH Rods & Reels
  • 20% off products.

Crappie Monster
  • 30% off products.

SeeLite (transducer poles and lighting)
  • 10% off products.

Rogue Custom Fishing Jerseys
  • 20% off products.

Black Speck Fishing & Tackle
  • 20% off products.

Amped Outdoors LLC
  • 10% off products.

Cyclops Jigs
  • 15% off products.

Crappie Ruler

  • 15% off products.

Brushpile Jigs
  • 15% off products.

Crappie Hollow Custom Tackle
  • 20% off products.

Rockhill Jigs
  • 10% off products.

Frantic Fishing Products
  • 10% off products.

Just Another Crappie Bait Company
  • 15% off products

Inside marketing
  • We will market for YOUR sponsors. If you and your sponsor write an
    article promoting a product, we will send it our through our marketing campaign. So, if we
    have 50 members and each of us has on an average 2,000 friends, we will be able to share your product to 100,000 crappie fisherman and then their friends. To be specific if you have a rod, reel, bait, etc. and you want to know how much marketing power we have, create a promo code. We publish the article with the promo code and show your sponsor the value we bring.

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