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Clay Gann Lake Fork Texas


Truth be told, I have been fishing longer than I can remember the first time I did! I grew up with my father fishing and it’s all I knew as a kid. Fishing is bred into me, and my love for fishing crappie and fishing crappie for sport has become a serious passion.

I guide full time for a living as of May 4th of 2020. Prior to that I was guiding on the weekends. I truly enjoy my days putting people of all ages and capabilities on crappie and run approximately 200 trips a year. People ask if I get tired of doing it and the sincere answer is no, let’s go hunt a limit!

Even more enjoyable to me is tournament fishing. I am highly competitive (which is also bred into me) and the challenge drives me. This started the summer of 2015. Crappie Anglers of Texas is where I got my footing and learned how to tournament fish. Following their mission statement, the Crappie Anglers of Texas (CAT) is a non-profit, family-oriented organization dedicated to educating anglers of all skill levels, encouraging sportsmanship to its highest level, and promoting the sport of Crappie fishing and fellowship through organized events. I couldn’t be more grateful for this organization and the people who taught and encouraged me. I was able to pay it back by serving a three-year term on the board and helping grow the club. If you are in Texas and are looking to get started, I highly recommend reaching out to Crappie Anglers of Texas. They will take you in, share knowledge, and treat you like family.

Being self-employed now, and with the relationship I have with the companies I represent, I am able to travel and compete in national tournaments wherever they may take me. I remember watching the national tournaments live and dreaming about one day getting on that stage, and now I’m here. It is still a little surreal, and I thank God every day for my life. It has been an incredible experience and I consider myself blessed to be able to live my passion.

To date (June 30, 2023) I have competed in 101 tournaments with 22 first place finishes. With one 2nd place I must mention here by .01 at the American Crappie Trail 2021 National Championship! Talk about a nail biter!

Angler of the Year Placings to date are 1st place Texas 2016 (D2), 2nd place Texas 2017, 1st place Texas 2018, 2nd place Texas 2019, 1st place Texas.

2020, 2nd place Texas and 6th place Crappie Master's 2021, 5th place Crappie Masters 2022.

I made it to the big stage 3 out of 4 times in the Mr. Crappie Classic which hosted the best of the best at that time. Placed 9th in 2019, 17th in 2020, and 11th in 2021. Standing on that stage in front of all those people is unbelievable and something I will never forget.

I’ve been on national TV four times, once on Let’s Fish TV with Barry Stokes – I watched him as a kid! I have done seven live speaking events, been published in over 20 news articles, mentioned on our local news channel, aired in several how to videos for Crappie Master's and American Crappie Trail, and featured at the round table at the Mr. Crappie Expo.

To be a part of Crappie Tournament Fishing and seeing the sport grow as a whole is an absolute honor. A privilege I am grateful to share with anyone who desires to learn anything about crappie fishing for fun or for sport.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime. I try to go live once a month on my Clay Gann Fishing Facebook page to answer any questions you may have. The best thing next to fishing, is talking about fishing!

Clay Gann


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