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Truman State Park Marina

Truman State Park Marina was originally purchased in the late season of 2018 by Rick and Lisa Gladson. After purchasing the marina, the new owners got right to work. Since 2018, Rick and Lisa have totally revamped the entire marina.

The first major renovation was the bathrooms. Often called “the cleanest bathrooms on the lake” have been a huge hit for the Truman State Park Marina. From spacious stalls, air conditioning, to even the smallest detail in having benches for customers to set their things on.

The next thing that saw major improvements was the convenience store at the marina. From the walls to the floors, to even a second entrance, the marina store has completely changed its appearance for the better. There has even been an addition of a small bar and grill to the marina store, which has proven to be a huge success. The new bar and grill, also known as “Sunsetters”, serves an ample number of items including cheeseburgers, tenderloins, pizzas, and various other food items. The bar component of the marina has become famous for their alcoholic slushies. With an addition of two new slushies in 2023, the Truman State Park Marina now offers a total of six slushies for their customers. Rick and Lisa have also added a covered patio for their customers to enjoy their days on the lake and gather with friends.

Rick and Lisa have been hard at work on the docks here at Truman State Park Marina. They have completely rebuilt one dock, as well as added a brand-new dock in their five short years of owning the marina. In 2023, the marina is seeing big changes with the docks again. Rick and Lisa are adding on two more docks and a whole new store parking setup to the marina this year.

Another addition to the Truman State Park Marina this year is the general manager, Dustin Roark. Dustin is in his fourth year at the marina, but in his first year as the general manager. Originally starting off as a dockhand, Dustin is very excited to continue working with Rick and Lisa on building the marina and creating the best possible experience for Truman Lake visitors.

If there is one thing that sticks out about Truman State Park Marina, it’s the customer service provided by Rick, Lisa, Dustin, and every employee of the marina. From greeting everyone that walks through the door, to catching every boat, Truman State Park Marina has built their foundation based on a strong customer service platform. Swing by next time you’re in the area, grab an ice-cold whiskey slush, and see for yourself. We look forward to serving you.


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