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Welcome to the table of P.C.A.U.!!

Every member will have a chair at our table. We will support, encourage, and assist each other in order to grow our love and fellowship of fishing. At this table, your voice will be heard and respected. In return, we will expect you to be respectful and listen to others. We will have a lot of knowledge from many walks of life, let us share and learn. If you choose to join us at our table, we will expect you to be positive. We will make mistakes. There will be growing pains. We will correct and improve as we go forward. In order to do this, we will need to be patient, tolerant, and united.

Pass the Crappie please.

Statement from the Board of Directors of Professional Crappie Anglers United, Inc.

This board was formed with the intention to elevate the fishing industry by educating professionalism, conservation, and networking opportunities. There have been some assumptions that the organization will provide sponsorships, that board members are using membership fees for tournaments, and other false rumors. First, we'd like to point out that this organization is currently operating on donations from people that want to see the sport of crappie fishing grow and succeed. Second, we do not and have not promised sponsorships to anglers. Will there be sponsorships available in the future? That is one of PCAU's goals. That will be up to the companies involved in PCAU whether they wish to sponsor an angler and when/if the PCAU gets to a financial point to provide those opportunities. However, we are teaching anglers how to present themselves to potential sponsors and represent them once acquired.

Board members do not use the $50 membership fee for personal expenses/gain. Any money a board member spends is strictly for conducting business for PCAU. Income and expenditures are tracked and, at the end of the year, reported to the IRS in compliance with PCAU's non-profit status. Here is a list of Operating and Administration as well as support expenses. Operating and Administration expenses include website and maintenance, marketing and advertising, which covers multiple aspects, special programs, credit card processing fees, secretarial and future and unforeseen expenses. Support expenses include Shriner’s Hospital and Operation Freedom Outdoors. Our goal is to provide a portion of every membership fee to these organizations. The dollar amount will vary yearly based on memberships, donations and sponsorships. Possible sponsorships to anglers, whether through our sponsors, donations or extra money left over. Any travel required of a board member is paid for out of that board member’s pocket.  This includes gas, meals, and lodging.

The list of expenses and revenue streams will continue to evolve as the organization changes in size and opportunities arise for us to do more for all members.  PCAU has an open-door policy.  If you have questions or concerns about the funds, you are welcome to contact a board member.

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