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Membership Code of Conduct for Professional Crappie Anglers United, Inc.

Those joining Professional Crappie Anglers United, Inc., shall observe this code of conduct and the rules for the specific event in which they are participating in. Anglers and family member of anglers, shall, always conduct themselves in a professional manner that demonstrates integrity, honor and respect toward fellow competitors, tournament staff and the public and does not reflect unfavorably on Professional Crappie Anglers United, its members, officers or representatives, tournaments, or sponsors. Anglers are frequently in the public eye and are considered role models by the young people; therefore, it is important that tournament competitors demonstrate good sportsmanship in fishing.  That is defined as fair play, respect for opponents and polite behavior.

Professional Crappie Anglers United, Inc., lists the following acts that are considered as unacceptable behavior by P.C.A.U. members and their families. Should a P.C.A.U.’s family member violates one of the codes of conduct, then the P.C.A.U. member should make a public statement condoning the behavior. Should the P.C.A.U. member refuse to make a public statement, this would be terms for removal from the association.

  • *Heated public disagreements with members of the board or other members of P.C.A.U., fans and volunteers during an event, whether sponsored by P.C.A.U or another organization.

  • *Public attacks through media, including social media regarding the rules or members.

  • *Public outburst of anger and displeasure for reason related to fishing competitions or events, where members of the public, other anglers, spectators, and the media, are present.

  • *Publicly questioning or criticizing a tournament official or official decision, ruling or penalty except through the proper channels.

  • *Abuse (physical, verbal, threatening or slanderous) of tournament officials, volunteers, fellow members, or competitors, including comments on social media.

  • *Offensive or slanderous comments with racial, cultural, or sexual overtones regarding event officials, event personnel, fellow anglers, or P.C.A.U. members.

  • *Intentionally interfering with a fellow angler’s ability to compete.

  • *Any disqualification, suspension or other disciplinary action imposed by any tournament or fishing organization may result in disqualification from competition and rejection of an application for membership.

  • *Chemical substance addiction or abuse, conviction of a felony or crimes involving moral turpitude, may be grounds for disqualification from competition and for rejection any application for participation. Any angler who violates any of the provisions of the Code of Conduct may be subject to removal from the association.

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